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Experienced Middle Managers or those with senior roles working at a strategic management level will benefit from this level of book which assists them with applying knowledge to their own workplaces for workplace efficiency and organisational gain

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18 FM5.01 - out of stock

All prices are set to 1 penny for a limited time as part of our celebration to be th UK's longest serving tuition provider.
Orders are limited to one copy of each title per person.

B19 FM5.02 - 142 pages - £0.01

B20 FM5.03 - out of stock

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B21 FM5.08 - out of stock

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B22 FM5.15 - out of stock

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B6 FM5.04 - 149 pages - £4.99

B7 FM5.05 - 138 pages - £0.01

B9 FM5.16 - £out of stock

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B10 FM5.09 - £out of stock

Out of stock

B12 FM5.11 - 141 pages - £0.01

B13 FM5.13 - 121 pages - £0.01


B14 FM5.19 - 117 pages - £0.01

B16 FM5.18 - £out of stock

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