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This level of tuition book suits Middle Managers (Level 4) with some facilities management experience to further develop their topic understanding and knowledge at an operational level .

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Topic Range

B1 FM4.01 - 130 pages -  £13.50
Topic: Overview of facilities management

B2 FM4.02 - 100 pages -£12.95
Topic: Understanding facilities management strategy

B3 FM4.03 - £14.95
Topic: Understanding people management in facilities management

B4 FM4.04 - 109 pages - £13.50
Topic: Understanding FM support services operations

B5 FM4.05 - 130 pages - £14.95
Topic: Managing healh and safety in own area of responsibility 

B6 FM4.06 - 149 pages - £14.95
Topic: Understanding risk management in facilites management

B7 FM4.07 - 138 pages - £14.95
Topic: Understanding financial management in facilities management

B8 FM4.11 - £12.95
Topic: Data handling and informaiton management in FM

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B9 Fm4.16 - £13.50 
Topic: Being responsible for properties and assets in FM

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B10 FM4.10 - £13.50
Topic: Soft skills and leadership applicaiton for Facilities Managers


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B11 FM4.14 - £12.95 
Topic: Quality management for busy Facilities Managers

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B12 FM4.12 - 141 pages - £14.95
Topic: Understanding facilities management projects

B13 FM4.13 - 121 pages - £13.50
Topic: Developing relationships with  suppliers and specialists

B14 FM4.19 - 117 pages - £12.95
Topic: Complying with sustainability in FM- The impact and expectations

B15 FM4.15 - £12.95
Topic: The varying aspects of FM customer services

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B16 FM4.18 - 102 pages - £12.95
Topic: Space management, planning and allocation for Facilities Managers

B17 FM4.17 -  £14.95
Topic: Understanding  buildings and their maintenance requirements

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